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The cars of Jeffrey Stillwell

Gulf McLaren F-1

Gulf McLaren F-1

Fantastic detail on a lexan body! Of the modern era GT cars this is one of my personal favorites. Jeffrey's craftsmanship is excellent.

Another view of this beautiful lexan creation. See below for Jeffrey's instructions on making your own!

Toyota GTP

This Toyota GTP car shows great detail and looks good standing still and at speed. Body by Jeffrey.

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How To Paint Your Own Gulf McLaren by Jeffrey Stillwell

  1. Apply decals as guidelines.
  2. Outline all paint lines, body lines and window lines with an "Ultra Fine Point" Sharpie pen. Do not use the "Extra Fine Point" Sharpie.
  3. Using the Sharpie lines as a coloring book, Mask all windows, headlight openings and Fluorescent Orange areas.
  4. Hand paint rear spoiler Black.
  5. Spray Metallic Blue.
  6. Back up Metallic Blue by spraying Silver for "metallic" look.
  7. Back up by spraying White to lighten color.
  8. Unmask all Fluorescent Orange areas.
  9. Remask front and back windows.
  10. Spray Fluorescent Orange for color.
  11. Spray White to give fluorescent look.
  12. Unmask entire vehicle.
  13. Use mineral spirits to remove all Sharpie lines.
  14. Cut, trim and mount body on SG+ body clip.
  15. Apply detail colors: Wiper, Headlights, Taillights, Exhaust Pipes in rear.
  16. Reapply Sharpie lines to include: Paint lines, Front wheel vents on top of fender, All Zeus fastener body removal clips, Engine louvers on top of rear cowl, Engine louvers on rear of car, Jack points, Blade on wiper, Fuel inlet.

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