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The cars of H.O. Detroit by Chris Mullis

Orange Charger

Orange Mustang Mach 1
This reproduction orange Charger looks better than any I could buy and it cost a lot less. Here's a car you won't see that often in a color you'll only see as a reproduction.
Petty Blue Torino Olive '65 Mustang 2+2
A beautiful Ford Torino reproduction in Petty Blue. Like all of Chris's cars, this one looks better than the originals.

'49 Mercury Lead Sled with Flames

Brown Avanti
This '49 Mercury Lead Sled looks cool on and off the track. This reproduction Atlas Avanti sits astride a Tuff-Ones chassis.
Orange '41 Willys Blue '65 GTO

A perfect '41 Willys by HO Detroit featuring custom wheels by Vincent available from Umpfi's Slotbox. This is an early Chris Mullis car from before he was stamping H.O.D. on the inside.

1965 GTO done in the same color as the 1968 Road Runner. Number 375 of 400.

Ferrari 250 GTO Lime Hemi 'Cuda
This black Ferrari 250 GTO has a cool pair of silver stripes. The 1971 Hemi-Cuda. This one shows off the special DL color scheme with the rear louvers. Truly a beautiful car! Number 43 of 50.
Orange Camaro Lime Hemi 'Cuda
A reproduction Camaro featuring custom wheels by Vincent available from Umpfi's Slotbox. Another Camaro by H.O. Detroit.
Lemon Falcon Blue '68 Road Runner
A beautiful Thunderjet '63 Ford Falcon reproduction. This 1968 Hemi-powered Road Runner is in the DL's exclusive color scheme. Number 43 of 50.

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