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The cars of G. T. Hilton

Audi TT

Audi TT

After getting the cars below I recognized the quality of G. T Hilton as soon as I saw this Audi TT on eBay! Click here to see the current eBay auctions by gt.hilt.

The Audi TT makes a great racing body. I sits low and accommodates the Tuff Ones chassis nicely. Click here to see the current eBay auctions by gt.hilt.


Phaeton Kit

The A/FX specialty chassis makes a perfect base for this cool Phaeton. Bare metal foil gives the grill and exhaust the look of fine chrome. I purchased a second Phaeton as a kit. Here are the parts just waiting for me to get around to finishing them.

Cadillac LMP

Cadillac LMP

When G. T. asked if I was interested in a Cadillac LMP body I jumped at the chance. This is a great car and the detail is fantastic. All this Cadillac LMP needs are a driver, a Tomy SG+ chassis and a few decals.

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