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The cars of Joe Furulli

Container Truck

32 Ford Pickup

A new version of the Aurora Mack truck. This one has a cargo container.

This pick 32 Ford with red roof and bed looks like an ad for nail polish shades. Maybe it's Maybelene...


Ford Falcon

Brown is an unusual color for a Willys.

The economical Falcon in an unexpected mustard color.

Ford Galaxie Convertible

Ford Galaxie Hardtop

Feel the wind in your hair in the 63 Galaxie convertible.

The 63 Galaxie hardtop is perfect for the man (or woman) about town.

Dump Truck

Ford Galaxie 500XL

A dump truck looks mighty sixties in lime.

A cool blue Ford Galaxie 500XL.

Chevrolet Camaro

Tow Truck

A sharp dark green Camaro.

Just the thing for those T-Jet crashes.

'32 Ford Pickup


Betcha never seen a purple one of these!

Or a lime one of these.

Pontiac '69 GTO Judge

Pontiac '69 GTO Convertible

A good looking '69 GTO in the original Judge color.

A reproduction '69 GTO ragtop. It looks a tad sedate in this brown-on-brown scheme.

Ford Fairlane

A sporty Ford Fairlane.

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