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The cars of Alexander Bichler

Ferrari 250 GTO


One of the nicest Ferrari 250 GT renditions that I've seen. The headlights are especially cool. They are made with some clear resin or caulking and look great. Order this car and others from Bichler Racing Austria.

The BMW Z-3 coupe by Alexander Bichler.

Chrysler Pronto

Chrysler Pronto

A Chrysler Pronto concept car. Nice detail and it fits a Tyco 440x2 pan chassis.

The first one was so nice I had to get another Pronto in Turquoise.



Alexander Bichler's Cobra does an excellent job of modeling the Cobra kit cars available today. Even though this makes it a model of a model (!) it's a nice one.

From the open grill to the roll bar and driver this is an excellent body mounted on a Tyco 440x2 narrow chassis.

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