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Got The Latest Version?
To get the very latest version, go to the bottom of this page and download the update file (about 265KB). You will need a password to install it, and it only updates an existing Slot Car Tracker installation.

Who You Gonna e-Mail?
All e-mail should be sent to Malcolm@xp77.com.

Just the FAQ Ma'am
Check the Questions and Answers.

Notes From the Mailing List!
Check out the e-mail list archive. These were sent to all Slot Car Tracker users.

What's New?
Version 1.06 includes the following changes:

Click here to download the latest update!

To install the update, run UPDATE.EXE. Registered users will get the password via e-mail. If you need a diskette, please e-mail Malcolm@xp77.com.

Version 1.02 included the following changes:

E-Mail: Malcolm@xp77.com
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