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Question Can Slot Car Tracker be used to keep track of the cars I have for sale and trade?
Answer Thanks for the suggestion. This has been added to version 1.06, free to everyone who has purchased Slot Car Tracker. See the Support page to download it. There are reports and an export for your For Sale and Trade cars.

Question Where did the Table Lists go?
Answer In version 1.06 there is no longer enough menu space to put Table Lists at the top, but it's still there. Look under the Tables menu.

Question I'd like to e-mail my Want List to others. How can I do this without re-typing my Want List?
Answer New in version 1.06 is the ability to export the Want List. You can include two lines of text at the beginning and the end. It is also easy to select a single model to be exported so you can get just a T-Jet or TycoPro want list. The export is to a file called WANTED.TXT in the same directory as Slot Car Tracker. For convenience Slot Car Tracker can automatically display this file in Notepad. Because it is a simple text file, it is easy to copy the file and paste it into e-mail.

Question With Version 1.02, the on-line help is a bit out of date.
Answer Sorry, I know this is sometimes confusing. With Version 1.06 there is a slightly better help file. Please e-mail me if you'd like it. It's about 300K in size. It turns out that it's easier to update the program than the help. Expect the help to have fewer pictures and more text as time goes on.

Question How do I backup the Slot Car Tracker data?
Answer Copy all the .TPS files from the directory where Slot Car Tracker is installed. On Windows95 and NT this is usually C:\Program Files\Scat\. On Windows3.1 this is usually C:\Scat\.

Question I installed the default data files. Now I want to enter my own data. How do I get rid of the default data?
Answer You have two choices:

  1. Uninstall SCAT and re-install without the default files. This is cleanest.
  2. Go into the SCAT directory and delete the file CAR.TPS. This is all the cars.

Question Where do I put the price I'm willing to pay on cars I want?
Answer On Wanted cars, the Cost field is your target purchase price. This prints on the Want Lists that include prices.

Question I've entered the cars in my want list. Now I've received one. Do I have to enter it in my Collection?
Answer The easist thing to do is go to the Wanted tab and select the car you've received. Then change the Status to Collection and fill in all the other info like purchase price and who you got it from.

Question I'm entering all of my TOMY Turbo cars, and it would be nice not to have to re-key the model "TOTURB" on every entry. Is there any way to speed this up?
Answer Thanks for the suggestion. This has been added to version 1.06.

Question I'd like to have intelligent completion of fields (e.g. keying in "Cor" would automatically complete to "Corvette".)
Answer Slot Car Tracker doesn't do this, but it does provide a drop-down list that works pretty much the same way.

  1. If you start typing and press the down arrow then the list will show starting where you were typing.
  2. The list is now "typematic" so as you type more, the closer it will move to a match.
  3. If there's no match, you can press Escape to dismiss the list.

Many of the fields have these lists. As you add cars, the info is automatically added to the lists. You can use the Tables menu to get to all the files behind the lists and edit them.

Question Is there any way to get Slot Car Tracker to tell me how much I've spent on my collection?
Answer Thanks for the suggestion. This has been added to version 1.02, free to everyone who has purchased Slot Car Tracker. See the Support page to download it.

Question I'm making one entry in Slot Car Tracker for cars that I have multiples of. Could this quantity be added to the main car list?
Answer Thanks for the suggestion. This has been added to version 1.02.

Question Can Slot Car Tracker be expanded to include the name, address, phone and e-mail address for the Buyers and Sellers I deal with?
Answer Thanks for the suggestion. This has been added to version 1.02. Entry is through the Buyers and Sellers table. Information you enter prints on the Buyers and Sellers table list.

Question Are the cars arranged in alphabetical order in the database, or can they be grouped as desired? Such as: can the T-jets be kept in a different database or grouped together separate from AFX?
Answer Cars in can be viewed by: 1) Model (AFX, TJET, 440x2, etc.) and Number, 2) Body Style (Camaro, Mustang, Lumina, etc.) It's also easy to install multiple copies of the software if you want completely separate databases. You might do this if you collected multiple scales (HO, 1/32, 1/24, etc.) or to keep your track separate from your cars. It's up to you.

Question If Slot Car Tracker is updated with new features, can we obtain updates for a resonable fee?
Answer Of course! Bug fixes and minor enhancements will be sent by e-mail or by mail and may also be downloaded from the WWW. Any major release would be available to current users for no more than half the current price. Probably less.

Question I just got a new computer. How do I move Slot Car Tracker?
Answer Install Slot Car Tracker on the new computer and them move all the .TPS files from the old system to the new system. The .TPS files contain all your information.

Question I've got a digital camera. Is there any way to add pictures to Slot Car Tracker?
Answer Not in this version, but if this interests you, please let me know. Maybe next version if a lot of folks want it.

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