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Please take a minute or two to complete this simple form to send me a new HO slot car related web site to add.


Site Name

The name the site should be listed under. Usually the name of the home page.  

Web Address



Enter a short description of the site. List things folks will find here. Remember, the site must be related to HO slot cars.  









What language(s) is the site in.   

Plays Sounds?

Yes, this site plays sounds or music without being asked.

For folks that surf at night when the family is sleeping.  

Your Name

I am the owner of this website.


Your E-Mail

Send me a copy of this submission at the above address.

In case there are any questions, and to let you know when I've added the site.  

Comments / Notes

Please tell me if there's anything else. If the site won't go live for a week, or something like that. Feel free to leave this blank.  

If you have questions, please send them to me at Malcolm@xp77.com.

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